Escape to Never Land!

  Does you family need a break? Perhaps to an island where the kids are bound to have fun adventures? If your next vacation seems too far away, how about taking your family to Never Land this weekend? Think happy thoughts, add a pinch of fairy dust and check out these great Peter Pan Family [Read On]

A Detour on the Way to Neverland [Peter Pan Star Locator]

Does your family believe in magic, fairies, Never Land?  You have to read the following feature below that takes a look at whether there might be a real Never Land out there! It's a very interesting read! In celebration of TODAY'S 60th Anniversary release of Peter Pan (You've already bought your copy, right?) – we're [Read On]

Peter Pan Diamond Edition Out Today + Peter Pan Party Kit!

What do you think Peter Pan would do to celebrate the 60th Anniversary release of Peter Pan on Blu-ray Combo pack? Treat the Lost Boys and the rest of his carefree crew to a party, of course! Set sail for an afternoon of adventure with Pirate Ship Pizza, treat everyone to part of the loot with Peter [Read On]

Peter Pan's Never Grow Up Games and Clips

With only a couple of days away from the  February 5th release of Peter Pan Diamond Edition on Blu-ray Combo Pack, we are pleased to share Peter Pan's Never Grown Up Games! Printable Pirate Puzzles, Connect the Dots Darling Star Gazer and Never Land Fun & Games complement Magical Bookmarks featuring your favorite characters! Just click on the image below – a [Read On]

Disney's Peter Pan Diamond Edition Review

On February 5, 2013, the Walt Disney Studios celebrates the 60th Anniversary release of the Disney classic, "Peter Pan". This is the first time the movie is released on Blu-ray, with a new digital restoration & high definition picture & sound. This is one of my family's favorite Disney movie so we were very excited [Read On]

Peter Pan Soars to El Capitan Theater in Celebration of 2/5 Diamond Edition Release!

This is my son's favorite movie & he absolutely adores Jake & the Neverland Pirates! This sounds like so much fun – wish we lived in California to join in the fun! 🙂 In celebration of its 60th Anniversary release, Hollywood’s legendary El Capitan Theatre is thrilled to present Walt Disney’s animated classic “Peter Pan” along with [Read On]