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Disney and Pixar's Monsters Inc. 3D Movie Review #DisneyMoviesEvent

  The day before I left to go home from the #DisneyMoviesEvent I attended back in September, we were able to see a screening of Disney & Pixar's Monsters, Inc. 3D. A favorite among my family. And now, 11 years after it's original release, we are going to be able to enjoy it in 3D! I [Read On]

Disney's Wreck-It Ralph Movie Review #DisneyMoviesEvent #WreckItRalph

If you've been following up on all of my posts, you know I was able to see Wreck-It Ralph back in September as part of the #DisneyMoviesEvent. Not only did we get to see the movie but we actually did some voice-over work, which if you look back on my posts, you can check me out embarrassing myself. We [Read On]

Paperman Animated Short Review & Interview with Producer Kristina Reed #DisneyMoviesEvent

  I was able to see the animated short that everyone is going to be talking for the second time today and it's just as beautiful as the first time I saw it. Paperman, which was directed by John Kahrs and produced by Kristina Reed, will be showing right after the previews but right before [Read On]

Wreck-It Ralph Press Day: Interview with Director Rich Moore and Producer Clark Spencer #DisneyMoviesEvent

  As you guys already know from all of my bragging recent posts, I was able to attend the Wreck-It Ralph Press Day as part of the #DisneyMoviesEvent. We were lucky enough to interview Director Rich Moore and Producer Clark Spencer after watching the movie and like I've previously stated, everything about this day made [Read On]

Disney's Tinkerbell: Secret of the Wings Review and Interview with Director Peggy Holmes! #DisneyMoviesEvent

About the film: After being intrigued by the snowy owls that arrive to pick up baskets for the winter fairies, Tinkerbell finds a way to make her way to the border of the Winter Woods. She's warned that she can't pass but seeing an opportunity to enter, Tinkerbell couldn't help but sneak in. As soon [Read On]

My experience inside a recording booth at the Wreck-It Ralph Press Day! #DisneyMoviesEvent

Last week, I told you guys all about my experience at the Wreck-It Ralph Press Day. I also said I would talk more about my experience inside of the recording booth as well as the videos. Well, the day has come! It's a little embarrassing to show but ah well, I'll get over it. I mean, it's [Read On]

My Wreck-It Ralph Press Day Experience [w/ Pics]! #DisneyMoviesEvent

You didn't think I was finished talking about my #DisneyMoviesEvent experience did you? ;P There's still so much more I need to share with you guys & Wednesday's activities were so full that I actually need to break them into 2 posts – with the second post coming next Monday. I know, a little bit [Read On]

Still not sure if you should take your kids to see Frankenweenie? Check out these great parent reviews! #DisneyMoviesEvent

  Ok, so I take it you guys read my Frankenweenie Review post, right? Riiiigghht? Well, I'm hoping you have!  😉 I saw that some of you are excited to watch but I've been looking online & see that some parents are still concerned over this film – Will it be too scary for my [Read On]

Disney's Frankenweenie Movie Review #DisneyMoviesEvent

About the film:  The film is about Victor Frankenstein, a smart young boy who prefers the company of his dog, Sparky, who he loves to make his own 3D films with.  His parents worry about Victor not having any real friends and encourage him to make a compromise by doing what he loves to do [Read On]

My Surreal Frankenweenie Premiere & After Party Experience {Pics} #DisneyMoviesEvent

Okay so maybe I lied a little unintentionally the other day when I told you guys I would post on Thursday but I honestly thought  my schedule would be back on track as soon as I came back from California. Well, it's Saturday night & I've felt like knocking out since 5pm but I thought [Read On]

Jet Lag Blues, Craziness & Fun! #DisneyMoviesEvent

Why Hello There! Long time no blog for me! If you've been catching up with me on Twitter or Instagram, you know exactly where I am —yes, that's right folks, I've been M.I.A. because I've been in California-ay! lol. I left on Sunday and I swear to you, I thought I had prepared myself for [Read On]

Guess who's going to California? #DisneyMoviesEvent

  ME! x_x Yeah…I couldn't believe it either! I received an e-mail almost a month ago that I thought was spam until I saw that the sender was the most awesomest Disney PR rep ever. I went to my computer to double check & saw that the e-mail was personalized. Not with the usual Hey Damarius or [Read On]

Guess who's going to the #ThorDarkWorldEvent & #DeliveryManEvent in California next month?

Disclosure: Thanks to Disney, Marvel & Dreamworks, I will be sent on an all expense paid trip including airfare, hotel accommodations & transportation while in Los Angeles. However, all opinions stated are 100% my own. Images credited back to Tumblr.     ME!   The last time I wrote that was last year for the [Read On]

Frankenweenie – Blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray, DVD & Digital Copy Review

As part of the #DisneyMoviesEvent last year, I was lucky enough to go to Disney's Frankenweenie premiere in Los Angeles. As crazy as it seems, it's already been released on Blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray, DVD & Digital Copy! I guess it's crazy to me because being at the premiere is still fresh in my mind, being an experience I'll [Read On]

Wreck-It Ralph Coloring Sheets

Can you guys believe it? Wreck-It Ralph is coming out before we know it! November 2 will be here before we know it! While we wait impatiently for the movie's release, I can suggest two things for you to do. You can catch up on all of the #DisneyMoviesEvent fun – which includes a lot of Wreck-It [Read On]