Interview with Thor: The Dark World's Jaimie Alexander #ThorDarkWorldEvent

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Disclosure: Thanks to Disney, Marvel & Dreamworks, I was sent on an all expense paid trip including airfare, hotel accommodations & transportation while in Los Angeles. However, all opinions stated are 100% my own.


As part of my trip to California last week, in addition to attending the premiere of Thor: The Dark World, we were able to interview some of the stars from the film. On Monday, I shared the interview we had with Tom Hiddleston & today, I come to you with an interview from the lovely Jaimie Alexander. Let me just start off by saying that I was a huge Kyle XY fan so I knew who Jaimie was before the Thor films & was excited to see her portray Lady Sif. Of course, as we have all seen, she does an amazing job. Beautiful & talented, I was excited to see her in person – yes, I was fan girling throughout this whole press trip – I am not ashamed to admit that.

Jaimie Alexander as Lady Sif

When Jaimie walked in the room, she was wearing a long green jacket – covering the now famous L.A. Premiere dress (which was daring but gorgeous, btw). She wanted everyone to know that the fur on the coat was fake & she joked about how she looked like a green wookie with it on. From even before the interview really began, Jaimie was warm, funny & so easy going. She's very well spoken but it was like talking to one of your friends. I love that she embraces her tomboy side & that she does what she can to help young girls have a positive body image – truly inspiring! The interview was fun from start to finish!

Jaimie Alexander

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The weeks before the interview, we all asked everyone to send in questions for Jaimie through Twitter & Facebook. Please note that it was a short interview with 25 bloggers so sadly, not all questions were able to get asked. Lots of great questions were asked though – check out the interview below!

Q : Your character in the comics has a romantic relationship with Thor?  Will we get to see any of that, the triangle they have going on?  

JA : They hint at it a little bit.  They can't go fully there yet, but they definitely hint at it.  And it's always fun because that's in the comic books and we definitely want to appease the fans.  So, we put that in there.  I look at him a few times.  Unfortunately he's not shirtless in front of me, but that's fine, it's all right.

Q : How did you prepare yourself for this role?

JA : I worked with a dialect coach to have a British accent, although in this film, it's a little bit more relaxed.  And then I also trained for about two months, weight lifting, yoga, Pilates, on the Reformer.  Which was something new for me.  You give me a machine like that, it's like you're asking for me to just hurt myself. I did a lot of fight training with a wonderful stunt girl named Chloe Bruce.  She is a world champion martial artist, she's a little scary.  I mean, when you first meet her, she's great.  And then you're like, "Oh.  Whoa.  You can bend your leg that way.  I'm gonna go over here."

Q : Is there a side of your character we'll see in part two that we didn't see in the first movie?

JA : Yes, actually.  You get to see a very vulnerable side of Sif.  And you also get to see what her fellow Asgardians mean to her.  Now, in the first movie, we explored that a little bit.  She's very protective.  Her first priority is to protect her fellow Asgardians and the throne.  This one, there's a little bit of heartache but it's really amazing, because she's very selfless. The heartache is definitely an underlying tone to her.  And then she kind of puts it aside and says, "You know what?  I have lives to save.  I'm gonna put that first," so you kinda get to see what she's made of a little bit.

Q : What did you like best about Sif?

JA : I like that she's selfless, and in a way that's one of her greatest strengths, but it's also her downfall.  She really puts everyone else first and also she's not afraid to give her opinion.  She does it respectfully, but she definitely stands up for what she believes in.  So, I can appreciate that, and I try to adopt that in my own life as much as I can.  Without scaring people.  I don't carry a weapon.  [LAUGHS] Not that anyone can see anyway.

Q : I have a ten-year old daughter who loves you. How many girl warriors are there?  Have you gotten a lot of feedback from younger girl fans that are following you?

JA : Yeah.  You know, it's great, because I actually speak at schools and I speak out about positive body image.  I know, you guys look at me and, you're like, "You're tall.  You're kind of thin.  Blah blah blah."  I have less an A cup, okay?  So there are things about me that aren't Hollywood standard.  And I actually really like it.  I have tattoos. I grew up with four brothers.  I was a high school wrestler.  I did all of these things that aren't typical of a young woman.  So, for me, I like to embrace that side of my personality and let my uniqueness show and I try to say to young women, "Don't be afraid of yourself. Work what your momma gave you, and appreciate it, because everybody is different, and nobody is duplicates, so no one can actually be you, so you have that above everyone else."  And I try to incorporate that in Lady Sif, where her costume is — she's covered.  She's not revealing anything.  Yet, she's feminine.  But she's also tough, so you really see her personality before you see her physicality, and that's most important.

Q : Those are great messages for girls.  Definitely.  

JA:  [LAUGHS] Thanks.  Good thing I got that memorized before I got in here.  Teasing, teasing!

Q : Along the same lines, for young girls looking to you as their superheroes, is there anyone that you looked up to, growing up?

JA : I know what you're getting at lady, but, yes.  There was a superhero named Wonder Woman that I definitely looked up to growing up and actually Sigourney Weaver.  She was always my favorite.  She seemed to embody a sense of humor, while being stoic and being powerful, and also being feminine.  And, to me, she is the ideal woman.  So, if I was a guy I would probably be like, "Go out with me," but, yeah. She's amazing.  She's incredible.  I always looked up to her and the characters she played.  And, actually, Walt Simonson, who had a great deal to do with my character, back in the Seventies saw Sigourney Weaver walking down a street in a red trenchcoat in the 1970s, and said, "That's gonna be Sif."  So, my character is modeled after Sigourney Weaver, so, to me, that's come full circle.

Q : Are we going to see you pop up in "Avengers 2"?  

JA : You know what?  I would absolutely love that.  But they haven't told me a yes or a no, so I have no idea.  And I think that they did that on purpose, so I wouldn’t spill the beans.  So I'm not sure.  But, fingers crossed, that would be a very fun thing to do.

Q : What was your favorite part of the film?

JA : Ooh.  Um.  There's an opening battle sequence that I had a blast doing.  I got to do a backflip off a horse.  Which if anybody knew me really well, they'd be like, "Let's not put her anywhere near a horse."  But I did it, and it was a lot of fun, and several wires involved and stunt women.  But it was a lot of fun and that sequence was so great.  There's a lot of humor in it and that sort of thing.  And there's also another part that we did but you guys will have to wait to see it.  It's a corridor scene with Thor and Loki.  And it's pretty funny. [LAUGHS]

Q : Did you do the action stunts by yourself?   

JA : I do, yeah.  I like it.  I'm like, that right amount of crazy.  But there are certain things that I'm not allowed to do. Anything with fire.  I can't be lit on fire, clearly, because I wouldn't be able to finish the film.  I would look a little different.  As for the jumps, the fighting, the weapons, I do most of my own.  There are some things that Sif does that are just completely impossible for any human being to do, and that's when the CGI comes in, but it's rare.

Q : Growing up with brothers, what do they think of you? I'm loving the bad-ass, tomboy, super-beautiful thing you have going on.  So, how do your brothers think of what you're doing?

JA : They love it.  [LAUGHS] When we shot the first "Thor" movie, they asked me to give their phone number to Natalie Portman.  So that was awkward.  And I said, "I don't think so, but maybe I'll tack it up in her dressing room, and if she calls, hey, go for it."  But, no.  They said that and then as time went on, I did a movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger called "The Last Stand," and my little brother, I went home for Thanksgiving, and in my suitcase, when I got back to work the week after, I found a bunch of DVDs with post-its. And I was like, "What is this?"  And he wanted Arnold to sign all of his DVDs and all of this stuff, so Arnold obviously happily obliged.  He's a great guy, and he said, "Absolutely," and he sent my family Christmas presents for Christmas.  So, they were completely stoked.  So clearly I'm the favorite sibling.

Q : How true to life is your action figure?

JA : Not very true.  I mean, come on now. [LAUGHS] I don't carry a sword around.  No.  I'm just kidding. Look, I gotta say, I wear two corsets in the movie and a padded chest, so I would say everything from the waist up is pretty inaccurate.  But everything else, I mean, I think they even put a like, a little mole on her, so I was like, "that's kind of cool — different — detail oriented…"

Q : Sif really cares a lot about Asgard.  So, if she could only choose one person from Asgard to leave with, who would she pick?

JA : Oh, wow.  Um, I would have to say Thor, and the only reason is because he is the future of Asgard, and as you will see when you see the movie,  he's still a bit of — can I say "smart-ass"?  He's still a bit like that, but he also is very noble, and he's very humble, and I think for her that's partly why she cares so much for him, even more than she used to.  So I believe that she would choose him, because that would ensure the safety of all of the Asgardians.  And he has a hammer.

Q : So, what would you like to see your character do next?  If you had the opportunity to play her again?

JA : You know, I think it would be fun to play two different characters.  So I would love to see Lady Loki come into the picture, because I do believe that they would have me play both, which would be fun.  So, selfishly, I would like to see Lady Loki happen.

Q : When you were in your corsets, did that make it extremely difficult to move around and do everything?

JA : The first movie, I thought I was going to die.  Ken Brannagh made us leaning boards, like they would use in Shakespearean costumes.  So, we, instead of sitting down, we had to lean against a wall like this, like Frankenstein.  And, then, eventually, the costumes, they warm up, and they move, and when you break some things in, you can move.  But, this time around, anytime you get a second go at something, you get to make adjustments and make things a little bit easier, better. We did that with the costumes and we made Sif's costume a little bit more feminine.  A little bit easier to move in. A lot of new materials were looked at.  The first corset is actually a lace-up corset, which, I'm sorry, but I would have hated to have lived back then.  And then the second one is metal.  So the metal one gets a little annoying after a while, but it's actually surprisingly easy to move in.

Q : Is there any ad libbing that goes on at all, or is it all really just scripted?  Do you have any chance to sort of play off of each other throughout the movie.

JA : It's pretty scripted.  When it comes to these big-budgeted films, there's very little room to change things up.  However, when we do present something and we say, "Look, I really feel that this would be a better option for her," they are very open to that, and they listen, and then we kinda sometimes will film two different takes.  So they have it in the editing room if they need it.  However, when the cameras aren't rolling, usually we make fart noises to make each other laugh.  That's what you get, being around a bunch of boys.  It's like being at home. So, if you hear anything weird during the movie, it's, you know, Zachary Levi.

Q : Were there any major differences from filming "Thor" versus filming "Thor: The Dark World"?

JA : Yeah.  There's always a difference.  We had two different directors, and they'd operate in different ways, but all in all, you know, going back to set a second time was like going to a family reunion.  It was a lot of fun.  People got married, they had babies, and all of this craziness.  And it was just really fun to sort of reunite with everybody.  And then, after that awkward moment of "I haven't seen you in three years," that breaks, and then the fart noises come out.  So it's all right.

Q : Are you really good at sword fighting now?

JA : I am weirdly good at it.  I won't deny that.  I gotta give myself props.  I'm actually a little too good at it.  It kinda freaks people out sometimes.  I actually went to a ComicKaze convention a few days ago and there was a woman dressed as me, so I was like, "Oh.  Let me see your sword."  And I was sort of like flipping around, it just kinda happened, and then she was like, "Oh."  And I was like, "Oh, it's okay, this is made of Nerf material, and it's not gonna hurt anybody," but I couldn't help it.

Q : Do you prefer movies or television?

JA : I really like movies.  You know why?  Because in movies, you know when it's gonna end, there's a little bit of a bitter sweetness of it and you want to make the most of it.  When you're on TV, you never know when it's going to end.  Sometimes, after years and years of doing it, it can get a little boring, unless you're on an amazing show.  Which, there are a lot of amazing shows out there, right now, I have to say.  But movies, it's just fun, because I've got this short amount of time to play this character.  And I'm just going to give it my all and give it my best and hopefully it will come out okay.  You don't have a second chance.  Unless you are in a franchise like this one.  And then you get a second chance and you really hope you don't screw it up.  But, yeah, I prefer film.

Q : Were you a fan of the comics before you did the first movie?

JA : You know, I didn't know that much about Thor. We'd studied it in school, the mythology.  But I didn't really know the comic books as well.  However, a bunch of other comic books, I did.  I always had my brothers' hand-me-downs.  So, Spiderman, X-Men.  Jubilee was my favorite in X-Men.  Mainly because she had an awesome yellow trenchcoat and she hung out at the mall.  So, yes.  I'm a little girly.  But last year I actually had a pixie cut and I did my hair as her secretly and did a photo shoot. So I paid my, I guess, homage to Jubilee.  So there's my nerdery, for your guys.

 The interview had to end since she had to make her way to the premiere but she was nice enough to take a picture with everyone before she left. Talented, beautiful, sweet – Jaimie deserves all the success that comes her way & I can't wait to see her in other roles, in addition to Lady Sif. I personally would love to see her as Lady Loki – I'm sure there are others who agree! 😉


#ThorDarkWorldEvent Bloggers with Jaimie Alexander

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#ThorDarkWorldEvent Bloggers with Jaimie Alexander


Thor: The Dark World is out in theaters NOW! If you haven't seen it already, what are you waiting for?!?


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