Interview with Thor: The Dark World's Tom Hiddleston #ThorDarkWorldEvent

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Disclosure: Thanks to Disney, Marvel & Dreamworks, I was sent on an all expense paid trip including airfare, hotel accommodations & transportation while in Los Angeles. However, all opinions stated are 100% my own.


On my trip to California last week, 24 other bloggers & myself were able to interview Tom Hiddleston aka Loki before we walked the red carpet at the Thor: The Dark World premiere. Before this trip, I was 100% a Thor Girl. When I would hear others talk about being a part of Loki's Ladies, I was like, but why? He's bad! They assured me I would become a Loki Lady once we met Tom Hiddleston. Doubtful, but still excited, the day came to interview him – I sat down at my chair not knowing what to expect. A couple of minutes later, it was announced that he had arrived. Why I thought a long haired Loki would walk in & stare at us mean, I do not know, lol. But in walked Tom, tall & handsome, and oozing with charm.

Tom Hiddleston as Loki

Sitting up a little straighter, I was all eyes & ears….& when this man spoke, I understood what Loki's Ladies were talking about – I seriously didn't want the interview to end. The interview was actually supposed to end sooner than it did but Tom insisted on taking more questions.

Tom Hiddleston & #ThorDarkWorldEvent Bloggers

Photo Taken By: Marshall Weinbaum


From start to finish, everyone in the room was hanging on to every word that he was saying – yes, he's attractive but he's also funny, nice, charming & you can tell he loves what he does & is very passionate about the roles he takes. While I still love Thor, I definitely walked into seeing Thor: The Dark World viewing Loki in a different way.

Tom Hiddleston

Photo Taken By: Louise Manning Bishop from

Tom Hiddleston

Photo Taken By: Louise Manning Bishop from


The weeks before the interview, we all asked through Social Media for everyone to send in questions for Tom. Please note that it was a short interview with 25 bloggers so sadly, not all questions were able to get asked. It was still a great interview though – check it out below!

*When he first walked in, he joked that since he plays the villain, he felt like he should have a white cat so he could stroke it while he answered the questions, lol.* 

Q : How did you get in character to play a bad guy, and do you really like playing those kind of roles?

A: I love playing all kinds of roles and I hope it doesn't sound too pretentious but I always feel like human nature is like a piano and there are 88 keys and there are some white keys and some black keys and each character is a different chord on the piano. And basically I hope that in the course of my life I will have played all 88 keys in lots of different ways. So I'll have played heroes, and villains, and princes and kings and warriors and beggars and thieves and lovers and fathers and wizards and [LAUGHS] all of those things. Loki's just a particular kind of, actually I think he's a minor chord with a couple of black notes in there. I loved playing him. Thor is the God of Thunder and Loki is the God of Mischief and his mischief is the thing that I love playing so much. His playfulness, his sense of fun and the challenge of course is to make him real, and vulnerable and complex.

Q : How has Loki changed since we last saw him, has he reconciled with his dad, or…?

A: Um, [LAUGHS] certainly not with his dad. I think Loki's very angry with his father still. Basically you find him in the wake of what happened in the Avengers. He's back and he's in prison. [LAUGHS] He should be wearing an Asgardian version of a kind of boiler suit and he's not in a good way. He's basically been written out of history, condemned to be forgotten, unseen and unheard and haunted by his demons for eterinty. I think he's keeping himself sharp by reading a lot and keeping his mind exercised. He's not great at the long game, Loki, but he's very good at improvising. So he'll always manipulate every situation to his own advantage. I think he's almost freer in one sense, spiritually. He's more mischevious, he's more fun, he's more provocative. But he's also more damaged, I think, like there's a kind of spiritual vulnerability, which is really acute. And I think he hits rock bottom in this film. He's more alone, he's more lonely, more sad, angrier.

Q : You'd said earlier you liked the mischief part of the character. When you walk into a franchise like Avengers and Thor, the fans are really dedicated, did you have any leeway with what's going on more with that mischief part that you liked that maybe wasn't exactly written into the script initially?

A: Well it's been an interesting evolution because I felt as though it's been something you can't run before you walk. And so the first film Kenneth Branagh and I worked on establishing his origin story as much as it was Thor's origin story. So Loki is the second son, the younger brother who finds out that the narrative of his life is a lie, that he was adopted, that he was betrayed, that he was left on a frozen rock to die. And that breaks his heart.But that he was also a very intelligent fantastic strategist who was a master of magic. And then we got into Avengers and Joss Whedon really encouraged me to have a good time. There was this self-acceptance of his true nature and that that gave him a confidence to play. And I enjoyed all of that so much in Avengers that I spoke Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios and to Aaron Taylor, the director, saying, "We've got to have fun with it," you know, he's, of all of the pantheon of the Norse Gods most people are quite predictable, you know. Thor is the God of Thunder. And Thunder is powerful and strong and he's noble and upstanding and he's a prince. And you sort of go through the gods and if there were a pack of fireworks, Loki is the firework on the end. You're not quite sure what it's gonna do. [LAUGHS] He's sort of the wild card. You know, if you light the fuse, the firework'll go up and around and spin around you and explode in a ball of multicolored fire. And that is spiritually who Loki is. And so playing on that unpredictability and his playfulness has been really fun.

Q : In the first Thor and in Avengers even I found myself really rooting for Loki, you know…

A: Thank you. Yay!! [LAUGHS] Those pesky Avengers.

Q : …I really wanted you to, right, are we gonna feel that again in this movie too or…?

It really, it's given me so much pleasure to hear you say that because when I was a kid, when I'd watch the bad guys the ones I loved were the ones who you sort of wanted to win or you could at least understand their motivations. What I hope you'll see is that he's still vulnerable and that all of his inclination to provoke chaos and start fires and create conflict and enjoy all of that stuff, his delight in disorder is a mask of control. And behind the mask is someone incredibly wounded and lost and "at sea," and conflicted. The duplicity of those things, dichotomy of the two, the outer and the inner, that's gold for an actor to present a particular mask to the world, and yet create an internal which is interesting, basically.

Q : If someone visits your home and looked inside the refrigerator, what would they find?

A : [LAUGHS] Ah hah, well I've been on the road for a bit so I was very conscientious and emptied the fridge of all perishable food as my mum taught me before I went away, didn't want to come home to like moldy bread and, you know…

Q : So there's nothing growing in there.

A : …I hope not. I think there's probably some bottles of fizzy water [LAUGHS] and maybe some old cheese in the back, but cheese is alright I think. Normally it's full of green vegetables and butter, and a few eggs, [LAUGHS] you know just sort of fridgey stuff, really.

Q : In Marvel's Avengers they team up a lot of superheroes and I was wondering if Loki teamed up with one of Marvel's villains, who would it be and why?

A :  Well the thing about getting a group of villains together is, they don't get anything done. [LAUGHS] Because they're all acting out of self-interest. [IN VILLANOUS VOICE] "No, I want to take over the world!!" "No, but it's mine!!" "No, but it," and then it's over, it's finished. And then [LAUGHS] end of the film, it lasted two minutes. Who would Loki turn up with? I'd love to see in the comics he teams up with the Enchantress who is a sort of big,beautiful blonde,who is as untrustworthy and as skilled in the powers of magic as he is. And they have quite an interesting dance that they do of recognizing that they're basically the same, but that that's why they shouldn't be together. I love the bad guys. I'd love to see him with Dr. Doom who was one of Spiderman's big villains. There's a villain called Surtur and he's the fire demon who is, [LAUGHS] who's a pretty crazy cat – you know I think that would be an interesting alliance. But I feel like if Loki ever teams up he's just using people. In Avengers he teamed up with Thanos who's the big guy you see at the end of the credits,that deal they made was that the Tesseract, the blue cube, that Loki could use it to take over the Earth and once he had the Earth in his clutches he would hand over the Tesseract to Thanos who would then do whatever he wanted to with the Universe. So the stakes are pretty high. The good thing about Loki is he is genuinely dancing on this high wire tightrope between good and evil, between redemption and damnation, so you never know what he's gonna do next.

Q : A lot of people are wondering, is there gonna be a Loki spinoff movie?

 A: At this point in time, officially I know nothing.

Q : Go unofficial.

A : [LAUGHS] You won't tell? Okay. Sea of computers. Sea of dictaphones recording my every word. Honestly people have asked me about it and the idea that anyone, whether it's one man and his dog wants to see Loki in a solo movie is such a huge complement. I hear it's more than one man and his dog, but we'll have to see. I honestly don't know what the future of Loki is at this point but it has been a roller coaster and it's been more than I have ever expected. So I feel that there's no point in me having expectations anymore because whatever happens is gonna surpass them so I'll just ride it out I think, just buckle up and ride it out.

Q : Not giving too much away, what was your favorite part of the film?

A : Working with Chris Hemsworth. There are a couple of scenes where I feel like you just really get a sense of the particular chemistry of these two guys. I also know that my friendship with Chris is something that infused that relationship because he and I, we met in 2009, we were both in our late '20s, we'd been kicking around the business for the same amount of time.We became very firm and fast friends. And we've had this amazing adventure together. And I think our friendship really infuses the Thor/Loki relationship in this film and that's probably my greatest pride. There's a scene where they're arguing over who gets to drive, which [LAUGHS] I feel is one of my favorites.

Q : I read that you surprised kids at a screening, so how did you get involved with the charities to surprise them? It's such a great thing, they were so excited to see you.

A: Well it was so thrilling for me. I knew I was coming here this weekend, what day is it Monday, and it seemed like nothing to stop off in New York and introduce that. I've done some work with UNICEF and I believe very passionately in the work that charities like Variety and The Children's Aide Society do for children as well. I heard they were doing it so it really cost nothing to just hop over and surprise them, especially with Halloween as well and they were all wearing Free Loki t-shirts and they all had like Thor helmets and hammers and I sort of got like cheered and booed at the same time, 'cause I was the bad guy, and it was great.

Q : How long as it been since you've been interested in the comic books 'cause it seems like you know quite a bit about villains and the heroes?

A: I sort of know a lot but on quite a superficial level, I guess. One of my favorite things as a kid was, there's a game in England called "Top Trumps,", they come in different categories so you could have them for racing cars, motocross bikes, or fighter jets and basically they're all these things listed with their vital statistics. And you split the deck and…let's say if you have a fighter jet you'd pick, "speed" and you'd steal a guy who'd had "speed" and if you had greater speed you'd win. And it's a really simple game. Anyway, I had "Top Trumps" for Marvel's Superheroes and Supervillains. So I didn't read comics but I knew the vital statistics [LAUGHS] of every superhero and supervillain and that's how I got to know them. You know, Spiderman can beat The Hulk if you read out agility, but if you read out weight, The Hulk could beat Spiderman. So like Loki can beat Dr. Doom because if you read out intelligence, he's more intelligent than Dr. Doom. I don't remember if that's exactly accurate, but you know what I'm saying. So that's how I got to know all the characters. And I guess they were swelling around in my consciousness and of course since being cast in 2009 I know the Thor world very well now.

Q : This is from a reader who has an Avengers Club in her school.

A : Amazing.

Q : And she wanted to know if you'd get a chance to play a villain again, will you bring back some of Loki to that character?

A: I think if I play a villain again I'd have to be very specific to his particular brand of villainy. That's what I see as my job is to be really rigorous to that character's truth. And so Loki's truth is playful and mischevious and vulnerable and damaged, but another bad guy might be kind of chaotic or cold in some way. I suppose there's only so much range one man [LAUGHS] has, you know, if I look out from under my eyelids there's only one way I do that.

Q : Playing Loki's like playing Captain Hook.

A : That's true, I'm playing Captain Hook with my voice alone.

Q : Do you get to sing?

A : I do get to sing, yes. I played Captain Hook in a film called The Pirate Fairy, it's a Disney Animation, and it's basically a prequel to The Peter Pan Universe and Tinkerbell's involved and one of the fairies called Zarina voiced by Christina Hendricks, goes and makes friends with the pirates and at first they're really fun and there's this young cabin boy called James and he later reveals himself to be Captain James Hook. [CROWD OOOHS] Ahhh, I like the response.

The interview ended at this point with Tom doing impressions of Sean Connery & Christopher Walken. I wish I had audio or video to share with you guys but unfortunately, I don't. 🙁  It was amazing though & before leaving to the premiere, he was nice enough to take a picture with all 25 bloggers who, by the way, walked away being Team Loki by the end of the interview! 🙂

Tom Hiddleston with Bloggers

Photo Taken By: Marshall Weinbaum, Courtesy of
#ThorDarkWorldEvent Bloggers with Tom Hiddleston


Since the premiere, I've watched the movie once again with my family & I can't wait to see it again. If you haven't already, be sure to check out Thor: The Dark World, which is out in theaters NOW!


Are you Team Thor, Team Loki or do you have love for both?



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