How to beat #ALLERGYFACE & embrace your natural beauty with #ZYRTEC

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Disclosure: This post is part of a sponsored campaign on behalf of Latina Bloggers Connect and the makers of ZYRTEC®.

When Summer started, I knew everyone's allergies would flare up & I blogged about tips on how to look good despite suffering from ALLERGY FACE™!  Summer is almost over & while others are wishing it would last longer, I'm counting down the days for the cold weather to breeze on in so all of this pollen & humidity will go away. Lately, the weather down South where I live has been strange. One week it's raining, one week it's hot. It's been like this ALL Summer so right when I think the rain will get rid of the pollen, there seems to be more of it the following week.

Like I stated in my last blog post, there's tips & tricks you can use to help you look & feel better but after watching Carmen Ordoñez from who is a beauty and fashion expert & who has teamed up with the makers of ZYRTEC® to help women combat ALLERGY FACE™  beauty challenges like a puffy face, watery eyes and a red nose that are associated with typical allergy symptoms, I realized that hats & sunglasses just cover up & help you look better but what about leaving the hat & sunglasses at home & actually embracing your natural beauty, even though you're suffering from ALLERGY FACE™?

According to a recent survey by the makers of ZYRTEC®, nearly half of women suffering from ALLERGY FACE™ missed out on something like a party or a date because of their allergy-related beauty challenges. The below video from Carmen gives tips on how to embrace your natural beauty. She has other great videos like this or the one below that you can check out on YouTube. 🙂



Some of my favorite tips from Carmen:

  • Eyes: Use an eyelash curler before applying mascara to help “wake up” your ALLERGY FACE™. Using a curler will make your eyes look wide open, so you look fresh and awake.
  • Nose: If your nose is irritated and dry, avoid putting on foundation, which can look caked on. Instead apply a rich moisturizer and let it dry.
  • Face: To help reduce the appearance of ALLERGY FACE™, place a cold, damp cloth on your face for 10 minutes.

I drink lots of water, make sure to wash my face always (love my weekly masks) & I make sure to moisturize my face day & night. While I don't pile on the make-up when I'm sick, I do use some to help enhance a lot of my features which makes me more confident when I'm feeling a little under the weather.


What about you guys? What beauty tricks do YOU use to embrace your natural beauty?


Be sure to check out more of Carmen's videos to help you get through ALLERGY FACE™ & if you want product savings and rewards to help you feel better, visit and connect with them on Facebook at



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