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If you've been following up on all of my posts, you know I was able to see Wreck-It Ralph back in September as part of the #DisneyMoviesEvent. Not only did we get to see the movie but we actually did some voice-over work, which if you look back on my posts, you can check me out embarrassing myself. We also participated in a go-kart decorating competition and we were able to see all the cool behind the scenes fun of Wreck-It Ralph as well as interview Director Rich Moore and Producer Clark Spencer. Having been able to experience all of that, I have to say, I have a special place in my heart for Wreck-It Ralph. After watching the movie, I became slightly obsessed. I admit it & I am not ashamed. Ever since I became a wife and mother, I left all my fandoms behind. But this time, I can't help it and the good thing is, my Wreck-It Ralph love has spread on over to my family so I can obsess along with them.

Wreck-It Ralph

Image Courtesy of Disney

The movie starts off with "bad guy" Ralph contemplating his life at a Bad-Anon meeting. He confesses that he doesn't want to be the bad guy anymore. His fellow villains tell him to take it one game at a time but Ralph can't seem to shake off the feeling of wanting more from his life. Leaving the Bad-Anon meeting, you see that when the arcade is closed, the characters from all of the video games travel through the wires at Grand Central Station – being able to travel to other games other than their own. In the background, a warning from Sonic the Hedgehog reveals that if the characters were to die outside of their game, they can't be brought back to life. Ralph goes back to his game – Fix it Felix Jr. – which is actually celebrating it's 30th anniversary.

Ralph sees all the Nicelanders and Fix It Felix Jr. celebrating and decides to go up to the party, hoping for an invite. Fix it Felix Jr. invites him in but when pushed too far by Nicelander Gene, Ralph accidentally wrecks the cake and goes off to prove that he can be a good guy and bring back a medal. During Ralph's journey, he meets with Vanellope Von Schweetz from the game, Sugar Rush. They are complete opposites physically – Ralph being 9 feet tall with large hands and Vanellope being tiny but feisty and adorable but they're both outcasts in their own games. They team up to help each other out but when a virus threatens Sugar Rush and the Fix It Felix Jr. game is on the verge of being unplugged, it's up to "bad guy" Ralph to save the day.

I didn't want to give everything about the movie away but there's some little twists and turns which make for an entertaining and fun movie. It is one of my favorite movies and we were able to see it again opening day and I am seriously counting down the days for the DVD release! The story is full of heart and you can't help but love the characters! If Vanellope were real, I'd steal her lol – she is too cute! But excuse all of my cute talk – I promise this film isn't just for kids. This is one movie for the WHOLE family! It's funny and will keep you entertained for sure!

Wreck-It Ralph's Vanellope

Image Courtesy of Disney

I'm sure you're all familiar with the movie but just in case you're not, check out the trailer for the film below!

Go see what the buzz is all about & why it's my current obsession – Wreck-It Ralph is now playing in a theater near you! 😀


Thanks to Disney, I was sent on an all expense paid trip including airfare, hotel accommodations & transportation while in Los Angeles. However, all opinions stated are 100% my own.

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    I would love to see this movie! Looks great, thank you for sharing.

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    I haven't yet had the chance to check out this movie, but I have been really interested in seeing it since I first saw the trailer. Such an awesome concept, and it seems as if you're pretty much guaranteed to be entertained.
    Holly @ Woman Tribune recently posted..Have a Keurig Holiday Weekly Giveaway EventMy Profile

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    We are taking out kiddos to see this next weekend. My son just loves the trailers he is already looking for the toys.
    Nickida recently posted..I'm Thankful For… 3rd NovemberMy Profile

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