Disney's Tinkerbell: Secret of the Wings Review and Interview with Director Peggy Holmes! #DisneyMoviesEvent

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Secret of the Wings

Image Courtesy of Disney

About the film:

After being intrigued by the snowy owls that arrive to pick up baskets for the winter fairies, Tinkerbell finds a way to make her way to the border of the Winter Woods. She's warned that she can't pass but seeing an opportunity to enter, Tinkerbell couldn't help but sneak in. As soon as she walks in, her wings light up and sparkle. As if the Winter Woods wasn't exciting enough, Tinkerbell is now determined to find out why her wings sparkle in the Winter Woods. She starts researching until she realizes a book worm has eaten the pages that would answer her questions. The only way to find out what those pages said is to meet the author – who also happens to live in the Winter Woods!

Tinkerbell, being the creative fairy she is, finds a way to bundle up and with the help of her friends, she sneaks off in a basket into the Winter Woods. When she arrives to talk to the Keeper – the author of the book with the missing pages – a winter fairy rushes in wondering why her wings were beginning to sparkle. A force brings them together and that's where Tinkerbell meets the frost fairy, Periwinkle. The Keeper then tells them to put their wings into the light and they see they were born from the same laugh but were somehow separated. Yes, Periwinkle & Tinkerbell are SISTERS! And no, I'm not spoiling the movie – it's in the commercials! 😛 After that, they manage to see each other and get to know each other better but with crossing the border being a big no-no in both worlds, it doesn't take long before they get caught. Now, I won't say more about the movie, you're going to have to see it for yourself (there is more to the story) but let's just say that when the two worlds are in danger, both winter fairies and warm fairies have to work together to save both worlds! Will they succeed? You'll just have to watch the movie to find out! 😉

Tinkerbell Winter

Image Courtesy of Disney

 My thoughts:

On our last day in L.A., I woke up really early feeling right. I packed, ate and right when I was about to go out, the lock to hotel room (which wasn't locking properly all week), had finally won and it just wasn't turning at all. Yes ladies and gents, I was locked in my hotel room for a bit. I mean, it is me we're talking about here. After having to call engineering to open a luggage lock for me earlier in the week, I didn't want to make another call for security to bail me out so I turned with all my might and after literally 30 minutes, I finally made my way downstairs to meet with the other bloggers.

With my thumb throbbing with pain, we quickly headed over to the Disney Toon Studios to watch a special screening of  Tinkerbell's new movie, Secret of the Wings. Walking in to the studio, all the pain I was feeling quickly went away & was replaced with awe. I would be more than happy to have a job at any Disney studio. I would whistle and skip to work every single day just to work in a place like Disney. It's crazy how they decorate everything to look like you're walking into the current movie they're working on. I wanted to take pictures but unfortunately, no pictures were allowed. :[  Some ladies did get to take some before they were told no so you might see some of their pictures in their blog posts so be on the lookout for the #DisneyMoviesEvent hashtag on Twitter! 🙂

I made my way to grab some orange juice and checked in my items and while waiting to enter to watch the screening, John Lasseter walks in to greet everybody. John Lasseter! I saw some of us act giddy, some had their mouths open and some were in shock (like me). lol. We also were able to meet Director Peggy Holmes, who introduced the movie to us.  At that point, I didn't need coffee to wake me up. Peggy Holmes is a big ball of energy that's energy is contagious. She had us all excited to watch the movie and *sigh* I seriously don't even know where to begin.

And I have to be honest here, I may be a little bias with the movie because I absolutely adore Tinkerbell. Back in the day when my parents first bought me a car, I had it decked out in Tinkerbell mats, dice, sticker, steering wheel cover, etc. – you name it, I had it and even today, my wallet is Tinkerbell and I have a huge Tinkerbell lamp. I swear I'm an adult. I just love her! But now, Disney is introducing this new fab fairy and I don't know what to do with myself! I love Disney Fairies! XD

I'm excited because I have a son who never wanted to watch any Tinkerbell movie because "it was for girls" until he had no choice but to watch it one day when he was hanging out with one of his cousins. He was glued to the TV when he saw that Disney introduced boy fairies. After watching the Secret of the Wings, I just know he's going to love it as well as it's introducing even more boy fairies! This movie is perfect for boys and girls of all ages and the story is so touching – you're gonna love it!


Tnkerbell and Periwinkle

Image Courtesy of Disney


After watching the movie, we had a nice lunch, thanks to Subway, and were off on our way back home. But before lunch, we were able to sit down for a Q&A after the movie with the Director, Peggy Holmes. Check out what she had to say about the movie below! 😀


Director Peggy Holmes

Image Courtesy of Disney


Q&A with Director Peggy Holmes:

 Q:  Can you tell us how you picked the names? Especially Periwinkle.

A:  I definitely knew as I sort of looked at photography of winter – when we started I looked at photography of winter – and I noticed there were so many awesome looking whites and blues. And one of the things we wanted to focus on in the movie is that this can’t feel like a Christmas place, it’s not a season winter. In this particular movie it’s a place. It’s a place they live, it’s there all the time. So,we needed to sort of create this magical winter and the images I was drawn to were all the whites and the blues. So, we decided to research all the different shades of blue and find the names out of that. So Periwinkle became Periwinkle and Lord Milori, Milori is a shade of blue! So that’s where that came from.

 Q:  As far as the 3D, how do you balance wanting to add the 3D elements in there without making it all about 3D for the people who are watching it in 2D?

A: It was exciting to learn about that 3D. We have a stereographer who showed me the scale of 3D. You can go into the screen or you can go out of the screen. I prefer going deep into the screen because for me in this particular world, it made it feel to me like a living diorama. It just makes that world of Pixie Hollow feel that much more real and tangible. The decision is based creatively on what you think will help you tell the story better. When you watch it in 3D you’re feeling that depth more than 2D, but it’s still present in 2D. With the kind of staging we did, in 3D it just enhances it a little bit.

The other thing I want to say about 3D is for me in this particular story is that I didn’t want to be aware of it…especially the emotional moments. I didn’t want to feel like the character was separated from the background. That’s a big thing for me. In a different style movie, it would be different. But for this movie I just wanted you to be able to be lost in kind of the emotion of the story and never really be aware of it, and only use it for sort of magical moments to enhance the magic. Once we decided to make Tinker Bell and Periwinkle sisters, we thought okay let’s make them identical sisters and what does that mean in the fairy world. We decided that they would have identical wings. It would be not a good choice to make Tinker Bell – Periwinkle look like Tinker Bell. We needed her to have the spunk- the underlying spunk that Tinker Bell has but not quite be developed yet. Tinker Bell has much more life experience than Periwinkle. We decided on identical wings and we immediately brought in a twin specialist who specialized in twins that had been separated at birth or an early age, and reunited later in life.

There are specialists out there for everything you can think of! Then a snow specialist came in because John is huge on research and understanding the science and the logic of something. If you skew off of it you understand why and why you skewed off and for what reason. We brought in Tom Painter who is a Doctor of snow.  He was a fantastic source and we learned that frost actually does protect from freeze and that you could actually cover your body in frost and be protected in a freeze. You hear that science and you figure out how can I do this in the story. What can I do? How can I bring that real fact into a story because it’s counter intuitive.

Originally, we wanted to have Peri be an icicle fairy.  John has a vineyard and in the vineyards the sprinklers go off to protect the crops from an incoming freeze. So originally that’s what we did. Periwinkle was an icicle fairy and she was going to put ice over everything to save it from the freeze. We sent that to Thomas Painter and he said okay you’ve just now killed all of Pixie Hollow. And we said why? He said the reason that the sprinkler system works is because it’s constant. So there’s constant action that is creating heat and it is protecting the plant. So we weren’t going do that. It’s just the research affects your story so much. He’s like this is what would protect frost so now Peri is a frost fairy. She’s not an icicle fairy anymore and it’s a really fun process to use research to develop creativity. He was really funny too. He did a whole PowerPoint on how everyone will now hate Tinker Bell because she just killed off Pixie Hollow. He was like she will now be shipped off to Bakersfield, or something like that. He got into it so much. It was really, really great. We learned so much about light refraction. He had sunglasses and the chapped lips and it was really cute.

We also hired an in-house person. There is a man by the name of Joe Rodey who is an imagineer. He is really amazing. We brought Joe in just for a small little session at the beginning when I only had like images of winter and winter animals that I’d liked and stuff like that. Joe is responsible for animal kingdom. He is a super inventive guy and he took the reigns and was responsible for that project. He is just a guy that delves into research. We brought him in early on to just say what’s unique about winter. What do you know about winter that we’re not thinking about. That’s just us working with other departments and being creative across the company.

Q:  Whose decision was it to use the McClain sisters for a couple of the songs?

A:  McCoul and I were last year at the licensing show for the toys, all the toys. So we went to present the movie and talk about the movie. And at that licensing show, China and McClain sisters performed. And we–meanwhile we had gotten emails from Matt Walker here in our music department; “There’s someone I want you to see for your movie!” And we were there and we saw her and we were like, “We must have her for our movie!” And sure enough it was the same person. So it was really just a fantastic thing that the music department was excited about her and thought she would be right, and then, you know, she’s launching a record with her sisters. I mean that is so perfect! So we brought them in much like we did with you guys, we brought them in, we showed them the film, you know we wanted to get them excited and really have them on board. We want them to-to relate to the movie. You know? And so that’s how it happened.

Q:  So what is next for Tinker Bell?

 A:  There are several stories in development for Tinker Bell. It’s really exciting and fun and, you know, it’s a director driven process. So every director sort of looks at it a different way and thinks oh what could I tell about her. So that keeps it really fresh and exciting.

Be sure to pick up your copy of the Secret of the Wings coming out on Disney DVD & Blu-Ray on October 23, 2012 you guys – you're gonna love it!

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Thanks to Disney, I was sent on an all expense paid trip including airfare, hotel accommodations & transportation while in Los Angeles. However, all opinions stated are 100% my own.

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