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I've talked about One Direction on my blog before. I was lucky enough to host a One Direction Up All Night House Party back in May when we were able to see a pre-screening of their Up All Night Tour DVD. One month after the House Party, I was able to see the tour live and in person when they stopped by Atlanta, GA. My sister & I have been following them since before they became a huge hit here in the U.S. & did everything we could so they could come to Atlanta when they held a contest. Atlanta didn't win but I told my sister if they were to tour here in the U.S., that I'm sure they would tour the cities that they had included in their contest – which they did! When they had the pre-sale of their tickets, we were counting down the seconds so that we could order – they sold out in a matter of minutes. We were lucky enough to get two tickets. Not as close as we were hoping for but hey, we were just happy to go.

The arena where the concert was held at is close to where we live & we know a side entrance so we got in without waiting in traffic & found a parking spot really easy. We arrived at 6pm. The concert was at 7pm. We were waiting in line but started to worry when it wouldn't move at all- we were waaaaaaayyyy in the back, it was 6:45pm & we were really starting to panic. Luckily, we were able to get in through a side entrance that was opened & we went straight in to find our seats. We were happy to see that we were close to the floor & were able to see the stage pretty good.

Now, I've seen the Backstreet Boys in concert at the GA Dome. I've seen 'NSync & I don't know how many others. I have NEVER & I mean NEVER in my life heard such ear piercing screams – any time the girls thought the guys were coming out, they would scream like something I've never heard before. It was crazy. The ringing wouldn't stop in my ears until a good 20 minutes after the show. Even the boys mentioned how loud it was & that Atlanta was the loudest city they've been in on their current tour. And not to get off topic, but since I mentioned the Backstreet Boys –  When I was sitting in my seat waiting for the opening acts to start, I looked up to where the celebs usually sit in the arena – little did I know that Backstreet Boy Brian Littrell was there with his family! Yes, my inner 13 year old self rejoiced. XD

Okay, now back to One Direction…the concert was super fun but I did have some moments – not with the concert but my experience while there. I don't know how many girls came up to us asking us to move from their seats – which is when I had to direct them to reading their tickets correctly. We were also seated next to some girls who we had to repeatedly tell to move over to their seats. I kept getting an usher get in my face to move out of the aisle & into my seat. Okay, it only happened once but it was annoying. It wasn't my fault that the girls next to us wouldn't move. My sister & I had to basically share a seat. Since the girls were so close, I got bumped in the head twice, stepped on & I don't know what else. But I didn't let those moments ruin my night. Not with Liam Payne in the same building as me. lol. Yes, I fangirl over Liam Payne – let me be. ;P


One Direction Tour

Source: ME


One Direction Tour

Source: Me


After about an hour of opening acts, and half an hour of waiting – the  boys finally came out. The tour was exactly like the Live Tour DVD. Even though I knew what to expect, it was still fun & exciting like if I was watching it for the first time. I didn't take a lot of pictures but I did take a lot of videos. Some are a little shaky because my sister was shaking me & when I uploaded them onto YouTube, I don't know what I touched that they come out fuzzy in some parts. Here's one of my videos from that night:


I have 11 videos from that night, if you'd like to view them, you can do so on my YouTube channel
The boys sang the following songs:

  • Na Na Na
  • Stand Up
  • I Wish
  • I Gotta Feeling/Stereo Hearts
  • Valerie/Torn
  • Moments
  • Gotta Be You
  • More Than This
  • Up All Night
  • Tell Me A Lie
  • Everything About You
  • One Thing
  • Save You Tonight
  • What Makes You Beautiful
  • I Want
One Direction Tour

Source: ME


Their songs were on point – no lip syncing here – they are the real deal. When they changed their clothes, we barely even noticed. They were funny – especially during their Twitter Q&A's. It was just a fun night overall. It's crazy to see how far they've come in such a short time. I don't like when singers come out & are marketed to be this clean cut bubble gum act but you see TMZ & they're something else. The thing I love about this group is that they are who they are – they don't apologize for it. Not to say that this isn't a kid friendly show. I wish I could have taken my son, who's a fan of theirs, to the show – he would have loved it but it was mommy's only day out (even though I was texting to make sure he was okay every 30 minutes). -_-


One Direction Tour

Source: ME


They will be on tour again next year here in the U.S. for their 2013 tour. Unfortunately, when we tried getting tickets, we weren't so lucky & it wouldn't let me buy any because they were sold out in minutes as well. Uff, darn you One Direction for being so popular! I couldn't even get the VIP tickets they sell. Hopefully I will get to see them perform once again when they come back to the U.S. If you're lucky enough to go to their tour next year, you're going to have a blast – they put on a great show.  😀

To find out more about One Direction, be sure to check out their website. Fans can also connect with them on FacebookTwitter & check out their music on iTunes. Don't forget – you can check out all of my concert videos here – a little shaky but worth checking out if I do say so myself. 😀



Disclosure: All pictures, videos & opinions are MINE.

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