The Pocket Referee Review & Giveaway

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The Pocket Referee


This is what I hear on a daily basis. I only have one son but he has a lot of cousins. Two of which live here in the house (I've mentioned before how I live a la Full House with my family) & one who I take care of while my sister is working (there's more but these are the cousins he interacts with the most). The constant bickering over who's turn it is drives me a bit crazy. No matter how many times I try to explain every 5 minutes the importance of sharing, it doesn't seem to stick. I heard about The Pocket Referee & thought I would give it a try. It's recommended for ages 5 & up but my son is almost 4 & his cousins are older so I thought I'd give it a try.

 Whipped out the coins as soon as I heard one wanted to watch "The Mario Brothers Super Show" & the other wanted to watch "Cars 2". The instructions indicate if it lands on the Referee, the one who flipped it to the Referee gets the choice but has to pass on the coin or they can keep the coin for another time. I told the boys that whoever landed the Referee got to choose what show they wanted to watch. I was kind of scared they wouldn't care & would still complain but believe it or not, it worked! I let each one of them hold onto a coin because they thought it was "lost treasure".

They were happy which made me happy. I had one calm afternoon. No wonder the Pocket Referee has won so many awards!

Each package comes with a brass coin, a velvet carrying case and a carabiner. They even have a new Special Edition one with a Gold Finish which was actually a favorite amongst the boys & me!

Be sure to check out the Pocket Referee on Facebook, Twitter & their website to see where you can buy your coin – trust me, you're gonna want one. It comes in handy!


The Pocket Referee

The Pocket Referee

The Pocket Referee

The Pocket Referee

The Pocket Referee





Disclosure: I was sent this item to review. All opinions are my own.

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